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Welcome to the exciting world of the Chichewa language!

Chichewa is a very significant language in Southern Africa. Its influence is centered in the beautiful lake country of Malawi, "the Warm Heart of Africa," where it is a primary language of over half the population. A variation known as Chinyanja covers a large portion of next-door-neighbor Zambia. Chichewa is to be found even in Mozambique and Zimbabwe, although it does not figure as such a major language in those countries.

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Chichewa for English Speakers - a new and simplified approach by Nathaniel Maxson

This Chichewa grammar resource will introduce you to this beautiful language in a simple but lively style. Whether you are starting from zero or just need to kind of pull all the loose ends together, this grammar is sure to be a great find. The book systematically builds from the very basics through the more detailed noun system and verb tense forms.

If you are in America or Europe, buy your own copy now online on Lulu.com or on Amazon.com .

In Malawi Chichewa for English Speakers is available from your local bookseller. As of March 2012, we have supplied most major bookshops in Blantyre, Lilongwe and Zomba as well as some other places.

For our special wholesale discount of 30% off on 10 or more copies, or for other special purchases contact the author directly.

Get Steven Paas' Chichewa/English - English/Chichewa Dictionary.

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Dr. Steven Paas's monumental dictionary has brought Chichewa learning to new levels as he has turned out edition after edition. In Malawi, you can find your very own copy at most bookstores. In Europe and North America, find your own copy at the publishers www.vtr-online.com or through Amazon.com. The Third Edition is now available.

Dr. Paas has gone a step further and made this powerful language tool available on the internet in an interactive website - Chichewadictionary.org. Want to look up a word and don't have time to reach for a dictionary - or worse yet - don't have a dictionary to reach for? Grab your smart phone or switch on your computer and find all you need right there on Chichewadictionary.org. Unregistered users are free to access the website and make a limited number of word searches per day. For unlimited use, a nominal registration fee applies. Subscribing to this service not only opens the website for unlimited use but also helps to fund hardcopy dictionaries for Malawian schools.

Over the years, thousands of dictionaries have been distributed to schools, proving to be a tremendous help to young Malawians who until now have had very limited access to resources of this kind. Find out how you can get involved in this project on Chichewadictionary.org.

Get started! Basic Chichewa Vocabulary.

Muli bwanji?
How are you?
Ndili bwino, kaya inu?
I am fine, what about you?
Ndili bwino.
I am fine.

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