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Chichewa Vocabulary Starter Pack

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Muli bwanji?
How are you?
Ndili bwino, kaya inu?
I am fine, what about you?
Ndili bwino.
I am fine.
Mwadzuka bwanji?
How did you wake up? (Good morning.)
Ndadzuka bwino, kaya inu?
I woke up well, and you?
Ndadzuka bwino.
I woke up well.
Mwaswela bwanji?
How has your day been? (Good afternoon/evening.)
Ndaswela bwino, kaya inu?
My day has been good, and you?
Ndaswela bwino.
My day has been good.
Zikomo kwambiri.
Thank you very much.
Eee. [or] Inde.
Ayi. [or] Iyayi.
Dzina lanu ndani?
What is your name?
Dzina langa ndi Nathan.
My name is Nathan.

Lists and Texts

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Feel free to use these to supplement your study of Chichewa as you go through my brand new Chichewa Grammar. You can download and save these files in either PDF (you might need Acrobat Reader) or RTF (Microsoft Word, Open Office) format for your personal study use.

Basic Starter Vocabulary List Basic vocabulary list of about 250 words to get started with.
Chichewa Verbs and their Variants A list of most significant Chichewa verbs and their variant forms. An excellent study tool.
Noun System Chart Charts of noun classes, verb prefixes, adjective prefixes and demonstratives.
Book Index Index to the first edition of Chichewa for English Speakers.

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